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Comprehensive choreography example

Over the last 4 months, I’ve been writing here about the principles and techniques that allow us to choreograph music for solo bells. In this example, I’ll walk you through a piece and explain my thought process and the decisions I make. There’s no single right answer to choreography; there’s only the solution that makes most musical sense for an individual musician. I’ve chosen this example specifically for the problems it presents and the variety of techniques employed in my solution. A typical solo would be less complicated. There’s a video of the entire piece at the end, and I’ll walk you through the score in sections. Continue reading Comprehensive choreography example

Documenting solo choreography

Once you figure out how you’re going to play a handbell solo, record the choreography for future reference (and possible publication). There are several approaches you can use. I prefer the system found in Nancy Hascall’s notation guide (part of which appears in the Guild’s notation guide), which I find easy to use and intuitive. I recommend buying a sheet lifter from Jeffers that summarizes single bell technique notation on the front and multiple bell technique notation on the back. Continue reading Documenting solo choreography