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When Dean and Paul interviewed me on The Handbell Podcast, they asked what I would change about the handbell community if I could. I responded that handbell musicians often ask the wrong question. Instead of wondering how we can attract more people to our concerts, let’s consider how we can become musicians who deserve a large audience. A reader asked me to elaborate. Continue reading Professionalism

Goal setting and self-assessment

Let’s take a short break from choreography and talk about something I do every January and July: assess my progress and set goals for the coming 6 months. As with any field, establishing written goals is a significant driver of success, because it determines the use of time and resources. The life of a solo musician (for all its enjoyable aspects) can be lonely and discouraging sometimes. A technique just won’t work, or a tricky passage isn’t improving, or a performance disappoints you, or you feel overwhelmed by everything you ought to be working on, or you experience setbacks. It can be hard to see progress from day to day, and you don’t have the support of a bell choir or other large ensemble. Continue reading Goal setting and self-assessment