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Kodály musicianship training

If you’re looking for general musicianship training, consider a Kodály course this summer, which may be offered in a city near you. The Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE) has chapters in many major metropolitan areas. Certified instructors run the “levels” courses to teach the Kodály method of music education. In the broadest terms, this method incorporates singing (especially folk songs), solfège, and games to teach music to children. There are 4 levels of certification, with each building on prior levels. In addition to coursework, Kodály students must submit a video of themselves teaching a class using the principles of the previous level to advance to the next. The curriculum consists of methods and materials, choral conducting, singing in a choir under the direction of a master conductor, solfège, and music dictation. Continue reading Kodály musicianship training

Finding a solo handbell coach

Whether starting to solo or learning specific techniques, look for a teacher. Finding a handbell instructor in your area may prove difficult, and you may need to travel. (While books and videos will be helpful resources, you really need a teacher. Would you try to learn the violin with only a book to guide you? ) Maybe your handbell director can help, or an advanced ringer in your bell choir. Look online for soloists who may live near you, or who travel. If there’s a community bell choir nearby, call and ask if they offer workshops, or if someone in the choir would meet with you to teach you the skills you need. Always check out the prospective coach’s work to see if s/he seems qualified to teach others.

Note:  I’m always happy to give advice or feedback on videos, and I also coach soloists remotely using online video chat.  Please let me know if I can help you.

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