Christmas handbell ornaments designed by Joanna Duhaime

Joanna Duhaime designed and made these Christmas handbell ornaments, and she kindly granted permission for me to share this information with you for personal use. You can also order ready-made ornaments from Joanna; see below.

To make these ornaments, you’ll need the following (available from Michael’s and similar craft stores):

Small brass bells, such as .98 inch Liberty Bells by Creatology
Black cording – also called leather lace – (3/16” wide)
Black felt pads (3/4” diameter) – cut off adhesive section, and slit partway for the bell tang
Glue gun and glue
Craft knife to cut pads and cording


Crafters can take it from here. If you prefer to buy assembled bells, contact Joanna. Her email address is on the Links page, and she’s also on Facebook at Lil’Bells. At this time, Joanna is selling the ornaments for $1.95 each, plus shipping from Ohio.


Copyright © 2015 Joanna Duhaime. Used with permission.